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Managing your marketing email subscribers...

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Marketing email list management

Marketing email list management

Our interface helps you get the most common tasks done fast. Whether it’s adding a new subscriber, removing an unsubscribed one or viewing a new automatically added subscriber; we’ve made irt easy for you.

Importing your own list

Importing your own list

Our import tool guides you through the process of importing an existing list from almost any source. Our system removes duplicates and remembers which emails have unsubscribed or bounced.

Easy subscribe and unsubscribe

Easy subscribe and unsubscribe

One of the best ways to attract new subscribers is to have a subscribe form on your website. You can create your won subscribe form on our system and simply copy the relevant code across to your website*. The form will appear on your website and the relevant subscriber information is transferred directly to your account with us. All emails sent using our system include an unsubscribe option. Unsubscribes are automatically handled for you by our software.

* You will need access to page editing software to paste the code to your website. Speak to one of our support staff if you need more information.

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Summary of features


Subscription forms - Use our simple form builder to create sign up forms for your wesbite.

Segments - Send targeted campaigns to groups of subscribers based on your own criteria.

Flexible importing - No matter what format your lists are in, we make it easy for you to import them into your account.

Export to Excel - Select the fields and export any list in your account straight to excel for offline use.

Custom fields - Grow your lists by storing anything you like on subscribers.

Complete subscriber management - Easily manage your subscriber lists, keeping data accurate and up-to-date.

Customise everything - Change the look and feel or the entire signup and unsubscribe process.

Confirm opt-in - Require subscribers to confirm their email address when signing up to your list.

Suppression lists - Never send to anyone who has unsubscribed, bounced or marked you as spam.

Unsubscribe links with every email - All emails contain a single-click unsubscribe link, not only a common courtesy but a requirement under UK law since 2003.

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